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New paper out in Human Molecular Genetics
(03-12-2018) Congratulations to our postdoc Bradley Peter and PhD student Carlos Pardo Hernández on their latest paper out in HMG – a structural analysis of adPEO-related TWINKLE mutants.

Tom Nicholls starts his own group 
(02-11-2018) We say goodbye to our postdoc Tom Nicholls and wish him all the best as a new group leader at the Wellcome Trust Centre for Mitochondrial Research.

REMIX Meeting & Workshop in Gothenburg
(17-10-2018) The 2nd Annual REMIX Meeting was held in Gothenburg, 31 Oct – 1 Nov, for all REMIX PI’s and fellows. This was followed by a data analysis workshop for fellows from 1 – 4 Nov.

European Researchers’ Night
(28-09-2018) This year we visited a local Gothenburg high school and talked to pupils about being a researcher and why the study of mitochondria is important.

New review paper in Trends in Biochemical Sciences
(14-09-2018) In our latest review we examine the latest developments on how mtDNA is separated after DNA replication. Link to Trends Biochem Sci article here.

Grant awarded to Tom Nicholls
(01-06-2018) Congratulations to our postdoc Tom Nicholls who received a Wilhelm and Martina Lundgren Foundation grant.

2018 EMBO Workshop on Molecular Biology of Mitochondrial Gene Expression
(20-05-2018) Great assembly of over 100 scientists from all over the world in Svartsjö, Sweden for the biennual EMBO Workshop. From our group, Claes Gustafsson gave a seminar and Tom Nicholls presented a poster.

2018 International Science Festival in Gothenburg
(20-04-2018) High up in Gothenburg’s Ferris wheel, we welcomed visitors into our pod to talk about our research on mitochondrial DNA and its expression. Read more about the yearly International Science Festival in Gothenburg here.


9 million SEK from VR
(11-2017) Sahlgrenska Academy receives second largest country-wide funding from VR (the Swedish Research Council). Claes Gustafsson amongst top recipients with 9 million SEK over 5 years.

In-house seminar by Claes Gustafsson
(08-11-2017) The human mitochondrial genome and its expression. Medical Hill seminar series, Ivan Ivarsson lecture hall.

Welcome Carlos Pardo Hernándes
(10-2017) Carlos Pardo Hernández starts his PhD in our group. He is a fellow of the REMIX Innovative Training Network.

Grant from KAW
(28-10-2017) Claes Gustafsson among co-applicants to receive 34.5 million SEK from the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation.

The KAW Foundation celebrates its 100 year anniversary with GU conference
(28-09-2017) The Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation celebrated its 100 year anniversary with a conference on Metabolism at Gothenburg University. Our postdoc Tom Nicholls and Prof. Doug Turnbull, Director of the Wellcome Trust Centre for Mitochondrial Research at Newcastle University, gave great back-to-back talks.

2017 International Science Festival in Gothenburg
(13-05-2017) This year we talked about mtDNA over Swedish fika at the Gothenburg Garden Society.  Read more about the yearly International Science Festival in Gothenburg here.

Viktor Posse successfully defends his PhD thesis
(01-2017) Congratulations to Viktor Posse who gave a great defence of his work on mitochondrial transcription.

REMIX Innovative Training Network launches
(2016) The REMIX training network is a four-year programme aimed at elucidating the molecular mechanisms and pathways that regulate mitochondrial gene expression. The Gustafsson lab will recruit one PhD student as part of the network.

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2016 European Researchers’ Night
(30-9-2016) The Gothenburg Maritime Museum hosted this year’s European Researchers’ Night. Our group volunteered and brought along some fun props to show curious visitors how DNA is replicated.

Silver prize to Brad Peters for best poster at the 2016 EMBO Workshop
(15-05-2016) Congratulations to Brad Peters who won second best poster at the EMBO Workshop on Molecular Biology of Mitochondrial Gene Expression. This year the conference took place in Bro, Sweden, with over 100 researchers from all over the world.

Gabor Banyai completes his PhD 
(01-2016) Congratulations to Gabor Banyai who gave a great defence of his work on the Mediator complex.

Two eminent scholars join us for their sabbatical leave
(2015) Two scientists from the University of Newcastle – Prof. Zofia Chrzanowska-Lightowlers, Director of Neuroscience, and Prof. Robert Lightowlers, Director of ICaMB, start a six month sabbatical in our group.