01-06-2018 Congratulations to Tom Nicholls who was awarded a Wilhelm and Martina Lundgren Foundation grant!

20-05-2018 EMBO Workshop — Molecular Biology of Mitochondrial Gene Expression starts. Our group will be presenting a talk and posters.

20-04-2018 We´ll be at the International Science Festival in Gothenburg, on the Ferris wheel in Liseberg. From 3 – 4:30 PM.

11-2017 Sahlgrenska Academy receives second largest country-wide funding from Swedish Research Council. Claes Gustafsson amongst top recipients with 9 million SEK over 5 years.

08-11-2017 Seminar by Claes Gustafsson: The human mitochondrial genome and its expression. Medical Hill seminar series, 3-4 PM in the Ivan Ivarsson lecture hall.

10-2017 We welcome our new PhD student Carlos Pardo Hernández who is part of the REMIX Innovative Training Network.

28-10-2017 Claes Gustafsson among co-applicants to receive 34.5 million SEK from the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation!

28-09-2017 The Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation celebrates its 100 year anniversary with a conference on Metabolism. Tom Nicholls is giving a back-to-back talk with Doug Turnbull. Join us!

13-05-2017 Meet us at the Science Festival at the Gothenburg Garden Society.

01-2017 Congratulations to Viktor Posse who successfully defended his PhD thesis!

2016 REMIX Innovative Training Network launches.

30-9-2016 Meet us at the European Researchers´ night at the Gothenburg Maritime Museum.

15-05-2016 Congratulations to Brad Peters who won second best poster at the EMBO Workshop on Molecular Biology of Mitochondrial Gene Expression!

2015 Zofia Chrzanowska-Lightowlers and Bob Lightowlers start their sabbatical leave in our lab.

2015 Monica Olsson receives visit from Nobel Laureate Tomas Lindahl.