2018 European Researchers’ Night
2018EurResNight(28-09-2018) This year two of our PhD students talked to a classroom of local high school students for an hour. What is science? Why do research? How do we do research and what does a researcher do at work? European Researchers’ Night in Sweden.

High School Work Experience
2018WorkExp(24-08-2018) Over the years we have hosted several natural science students for their school work experience program. This year we had two students who spent a couple of weeks in the lab doing a mini CRISPR/Cas9 project.

2018 International Science Festival 
2018SciFest(20-04-2018) High up in Gothenburg’s Ferris wheel, two lab members welcomed visitors into the “mtDNA pod” for an informal chat about mitochondria and our research. International Science Festival in Gothenburg.

2017 International Science Festival
2017SciFest(13-05-2017) At this year’s festival we set up a table in the “fika” cafe at the Gothenburg Garden Society.  We met many curious visitors, young and old, who had a go at our 3D DNA model and enjoyed a cinnamon bun. International Science Festival in Gothenburg.

2016 European Researchers’ Night
2016EurResNight(30-9-2016) This year we were at the Gothenburg Maritime Museum where the focus was all about kids. The youngest scientists got to build DNA helices and even replication forks with candy and pipe cleaners. European Researchers’ Night in Sweden.